I started Dudefluencer because I believe in men's self-care. Whether that means stepping up your fashion game, working through self-reflection, or building a community of healthy friendships, my goal is to be an outlet and resource for men through vulnerability and positive masculinity.

We believe in Positive Masculinity.

Positive masculinity is when men use their physical and emotional strength to champion healthy behaviors and communities. Positive masculinity is the antithesis of toxic masculinity. The focus of positive masculinity is to help generations of men learn healthy behaviors and then develop more robust communities.


Men’s self-care isn’t much different than women’s: we love being pampered, we love feeling healthy, and we love relaxation. The only problem is that we don’t know how to ask for it.

Men’s self-care is one of the essential truths we believe in at Dudefluencer. But what is it? Men’s self-care is about taking time for yourself to relieve or prevent stress, usually accompanied by activities that stimulate the mind or body. I like to break that down into two categories: the body and the mind.

Your goal with mindfulness is to focus on reflection and introspection as a form of self-care, whereas the body focuses on movement, or grooming.


The biggest threat to men’s health is loneliness. It’s also the most challenging problem for men to admit because we are never taught about the importance of male friendship.

Remember, a man is only as strong as the community of Dudes around him. That’s why when we are faced with making difficult, courageous decisions that will positively impact our lives, it’s time to call in the big dogs (and I’m not talking Roman Reigns).

My goal at Dudefluencer has always been to create a community of like-minded men who were interested in building deeper relationships with themselves and others.

Let’s crush loneliness together.

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