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A New Way to Pocket Square with Anthony Orisses


Happy New Year and welcome to the first Dudecast of 2021. 

Today’s interview brings us Anthony Orisses, of Rare Cut. If you’ve ever owned a pocket square that refused to stay up, or keep its fold, then you need to check out Rare Cut’s pocket squares engineered to stay up all night. Over the course of the next 40 minutes or so, we talk about starting his pocket square business, what it’s like being a man in the fashion industry, and of course, the latest trends for 2021. So, let’s get onto the show.

For more information about Rare Cut, visit RareCut.com.

And make sure to check out our updated 2021 edition of the Men’s Fashion Guide.

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Garrett Michael Carlson
Garrett Carlson is the founder of Dudefluencer.com, an online men's magazine dedicated to publishing articles around positive masculinity and men's self-care. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Non-Fiction writing program, he loves to break traditional storytelling norms intermixing personal narrative, comedy, and research to talk about men's issues. Garrett currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, two cats, and Icelandic Sheepdog, Orla.

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