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The Manly Man’s Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus Quarantine

The Manly Man's Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus Quarantine is an all-in-one how to for anyone stuck at home and unsure how to spend their days.

The Power of Thank You

I wanted to dig into the research to implement more opportunities for gratitude into daily life and came away truly understanding the power of thank you.

The Study of Men and Masculinity: An Interview With Ronald F. Levant

Ronald F. Levant is one of the most authoritative figures around studying men and masculinity and sat down with Dudefluencer to talk about his work.

30-Day Challenge: How to Build a Morning Routine

The lessons I learned building a morning routine weren't what I expected them to be: lessons about failure, mental growth, and what's most important to me.

Why You Should Join A Men’s Support Group Before Something Is Wrong

Men's support groups are popping up around the country, pushing back on gender norms, and rethinking what it means to be a man.

5 Ted Talks About Masculinity You Need To See

Conversations around positive masculinity have entered the mainstream consciousness.

15 Critical Facts about Male Vulnerability

Male vulnerability is an asset in terms of promoting positive mental health, and reinforcing positive fatherly relationships.

Why 2020 Will be the Year of 30-Day Challenges (And How I’m Organizing Mine)

I’m not one for stagnation. When I was a teacher, I sought out new lesson plans and experimented with new pedagogies. As the creator of...

Hyper-Masculinity and High School Concussions

With more and more high school athletes suffering concussions, athletes are beginning to come to a conclusion: we are not optimized for this.