How to Reinvigorate Friendships with Billy Baker

Dudefluencer: Billy Baker

Kerstin Gerst Emerson, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia’s Institute of Gerontology. “In public health, we talk all the time about obesity and smoking and have all these interventions, but not about people who are lonely and socially isolated. There are really tangible, terrible outcomes. Lonely people are dying, they’re less healthy, and they are costing our society more.”

As someone who’s suffered from loneliness, and difficulty in building male friendships, I found myself searching for articles, videos, anything that could help me feel like I was part of a community. Enter Billy Baker, writer and author at The Boston Globe. His 2017 article on male loneliness was life-changing not only to me, but Dudefluencer as a whole.

And that’s why I’m so happy to share my chat with Baker with you today. We talk about his upcoming book We Need to Hang Out: A Memoir on Making Friends, male friendship, and Joey McIntyre meditating in silence. Don’t worry it will all make sense.

Click the title to purchase Billy Baker’s book, We Need to Hang Out: A Memoir on Making Friendships.

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