Self-Reflection and Poise with Martin Fretwell

Dudefluencer: Martin Fretwell

One of the best parts of writing about men’s friendship and community is when you meet other dudes with similar beliefs and goals. There’s a pretty tight-knit group of folks involved in this space who believe in positive masculinity, who believe in change. I’m one of them, and today’s guest is one too.

Martin Fretwell is the founder of Don’t Fret, a men’s community founded on changing the discussion around masculinity. The website for his Emotional Freedom Summit reads: Discussions within the Emotional Freedom Virtual Summit evolve around the core objective of reframing belief systems that hold us back from healing, recovery, self-empowerment and connection towards ourselves and the people around us. During the course of our conversation, Fretwell opens up about his personal struggles, reflections, and new-beliefs that has led him to be one of the leaders in positive masculinity.

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