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The Dudecast: Crush Loneliness Together with Serendip


Sometimes fate just brings like minded people together. Today’s guest is Ronak, the creator of Serendip, an awesome platform designed to bring people together and crush loneliness. Obviously our messages are deeply aligned, so it was an absolute pleasure chatting with him about community building, friendship, and vulnerability.

Visit Serendip.co for more information, and download their app on iOS and the Google Play Store now.

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Garrett Michael Carlson
Garrett Carlson is the founder of Dudefluencer.com, an online men's magazine dedicated to publishing articles around positive masculinity and men's self-care. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Non-Fiction writing program, he loves to break traditional storytelling norms intermixing personal narrative, comedy, and research to talk about men's issues. Garrett currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, two cats, and Icelandic Sheepdog, Orla.

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