Is this the Best Smelling Oil on the Planet: The Beard Baron Beard Oil Review

Dudefluencer: Beard Baron Beard Oil Review

Some guys grow facial hair. You know, they wake up, wash their face, and that’s it. They don’t have a care in the world about treating their beard. Then there are dudes like The Beard Baron, who’s crafted an entire company around the ideals of enclothed cognition to make sure men take their grooming seriously. That’s why Johnny tirelessly developed the Beard Baron Beard Oil.

Like many of the other best beard oils featured on our best-of list, Beard Baron Beard Oil does more than just make your facial hair smell better.

The Beard Baron makes more than just beard oils; they also sell premium shampoo, mustache wax, and body lotions. For our Beard Baron Beard Oil review, I’m just going to be focusing on two products: Waikiki Premium Beard Oil and Fireside Premium Beard Oil. Should Beard Baron Beard Oil be the next product on your bathroom shelf for dudes looking to take their beard care to the next level, or would you be better off looking elsewhere? Check out my review to get the whole scoop.

Who is The Beard Baron?

The best way to describe John Diehl comes from his own words about having a beard, “While some see it as an accessory, it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s a way of life that has transcended generations, societies, and entire civilizations since the dawn of man. Few other things in life can live up to that heritage, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” That love, that belief in the power of facial hair, is exactly what makes The Beard Baron such a trusted member of the men’s grooming community.

Out of Massachusetts, Diehl spent years developing his own products and uses those same principles to deliver premium beard oils to dudes worldwide. Diehl continues, “There’s something special about growing a beard, and I want to share my experience and knowledge with as many as possible.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working on Dudefluencer, it’s that proper grooming can be a transformative experience.

Diehl continues, “The key takeaways of who we are and our philosophy is to produce the highest quality beard and mustache care products with the best long lasting scents on the market since 2014.  We are a small family business.   All of our products are hand poured and hand labeled.  We pride ourselves not only on our products but also providing the best customer service.”

Outside of their premium beard oils, The Beard Baron produces various other handcrafted men’s grooming products (and their Grand Baroness line specifically for women). Diehl also has a Youtube channel dedicated to helping men learn how to groom their beards and build healthy routines.

What do we mean by eco-friendly?

You’re going to read and hear about many organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products on this website. When I score a product one through five based on its eco-friendliness, I am focusing on the following criteria:

Is it made from natural ingredients?

Simply put, are the ingredients in this product au natural? You should be on the lookout for ingredients such as Dimethicone, Polyethylene Glycol, and Phthalates in beard oils.

Is the manufacturing of the product environmentally friendly?

Does the product come in an eco-friendly container, or are there conscious decisions made in producing the product to help protect the environment? This also includes manufacturing the product itself: what are the factory conditions like, and do employees receive a fair wage?

Was the product tested on animals?

This one’s pretty obvious. Are the products tested on animals, yes or no?

Why should you trust us?

For the past month, I’ve been testing out the Beard Baron Waikiki Premium Beard Oil. After my showers, I’ve thrown it on after my skincare routine, basically made it an important part of my grooming routine.

Other helpful pieces of information:

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  • The Beard Baron sent us complimentary samples for this review.
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The Beard Baron Beard Oil Review

I was really excited to give The Beard Baron Beard Oil a shot. As soon as the package arrived, I immediately opened both bottles for a sniff. What I wanted to know is if The Beard Baron developed a product that’s more than just a grooming solution, but a lifestyle one as well. Could the Beard Baron Beard Oil live up to my lofty expectations?


I want to talk about the Waikiki Premium Beard Oil scent first. If there were ever a beard oil that smell could be polarizing, it would be this one because its tropical smell won’t be for everyone. Made from a mixture of orange, kiwi, and coconut, this Beard Baron Beard Oil smells like a beautiful afternoon on the beach with a cool drink in your hand. It’s the encapsulation of vacation for your facial hair.

Personally, I love the smell. My wife loves the smell too. But I could also see a lot of men being turned away from it.

If that is the case, then the Fireside Premium Beard Oil might be what you’re looking for. A mixture of Fir, Balsam, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Patchouli, this beard oil does a tremendous job of bringing a woodsy aroma to your aura. It really smells great with just a hint of smoky musk at the end of each whiff.

The Beard Baron Beard Oil is some of the best smelling products I’ve ever gotten a chance to use. The scents are unique, not too powerful, but present enough for someone to take notice. Both Waikiki and Fireside excel here.

Beard Treatment

Here’s obviously the big question, how did Beard Baron Beard Oil do with my facial hair? For the first bit of this review, I ended up just using it on my mustache until my beard grew back in. I immediately noticed how much softer my upper lip hairs became after only a week or so of use.

I continued using the product after my beard grew back, and the results were similar. However, I noticed a bit of a greasy texture after my first couple of uses. I’m not sure if my facial hair was getting used to a new oil or what, but it did concern me. Eventually, though, that went away.

As for moisturizing the skin underneath my beard, I didn’t notice a huge difference. My skin remained pretty much the same throughout my trial of the Waikiki Premium Beard Oil.

Despite some initial greasiness, Beard Baron Beard Oil did a tremendous job softening and making my facial hair look lively. It’s definitely a gem to look into.


The fewer ingredients in beard oil, the better. One of the reasons why The Beard Baron Beard Oil is so great is how simple the formula is: Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil. Just five ingredients, that’s all—the best part, all-natural. Pick up a bottle of Waikiki Premium Beard Oil, and you can expect to experience one of the best all-natural beard oils available today. As for the Fireside oil, you can expect a similar blend of ingredients plus a couple more included to develop the scent.

Packaging-wise, The Beard Baron doesn’t use any recyclable packaging. The bottles don’t seem to be eco-friendly either.

That being said, The Beard Baron’s Premium Beard Oil is made from some of the best, all-natural ingredients around, which definitely ranks it high as one of the best eco-friendly beard oils.


You can expect to pay around $25 a bottle on the medium-high end for beard oils. For the ingredients and product, you’re getting, $25 is a great price as a single bottle will last you a couple of months.

Is The Beard Baron Premium Beard Oil worth it?

The Beard Baron Beard Oil is one of the best smelling beard oils I’ve ever tried. While the Fireside smell is good, the Waikiki Premium Oil is such a unique scent that I have to recommend every dude give it a shot. I think that its tropical scent won’t be for everyone, but I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

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