9 Best Beard Trimmers for Men in 2021

Dudefluencer: Best Beard and Mustache Trimmers

You wouldn’t try and fix a flat tire with a flashlight, so why wouldn’t you want the right tools to groom your face?

You deserve a clean shave, a fresh look, and fashionable facial hair because men’s self-care and grooming are some of the highest indicators of a positive mindset. And to make sure you keep your beard or mustache looking healthy, you’re going to want to have the right tools in your toolbox.

That’s why we tested out some of the most popular beard trimmers on the market to make sure when you’re investing in yourself; you’re also investing in the right tools.

No matter your beard style: if you’ve got a long beard, a Ted Lasso mustache, or even just a five o’clock shadow, check out our list of the nine best beard and mustache trimmers for 2021 to make sure you’ve got the right tools for your grooming journey.

What’s the difference between a beard trimmer and a razor?

Beard trimmers are used on longer hair and focus on speed, whereas razors are great for close shaves.

Most dudes use both (and you can check out our review for the best subscription razors, too), so you’ll want to have both on hand depending on what kind of beard trimming or mustache grooming you have in mind.

If you have more questions about shaving, check out our men’s grooming guide here.

What makes the best beard trimmer?

Men, it’s time to take grooming seriously. 

If you’ve ever owned a beard trimmer before, you’ll know that they usually come with many attachments that get put in the bottom of the drawer, but the best trimmers offer so much more. 

When we’re looking at beard trimmers, we want to focus on the critical things: flexibility in detail, vacuum function, dry/wet use, battery life, and travel friendliness. 

Some of the best men’s beard trimmers listed below also offer options for whole-body shaving (although our men’s guide to manscaping says you should get a different trimmer for your body to avoid transferring bacteria). 

Whether you’re a grooming expert or just getting started on your journey, our list of the nine best beard trimmers is perfect for any dude.

The 9 Best Beard Trimmers for 2021

Our list of the nine best beard and mustache trimmers for 2021 has been judged on functionality, battery life, ease of use, and price.

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1. Philips Norelco MG7750

Sometimes you’re looking for a beard trimmer with all of the fixings. Thankfully, the Philips Norelco MG7750 is the multigroom kit you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll fall in love with this beard and mustache trimmer because not only does this groomer provide a good trim and precise cut, the MG7750 includes 14 reinforced trimming guards to get yourself the style you want.

Something else you’ll notice right away is how well-tuned the power is on this machine. The MG7750 doesn’t fear long beards but is still soft enough to do detailed trims (with the right guard, of course).

This electric razor includes a ton of comb attachments allowing for a bevy of precision length settings.

There’s also the foil shaver for cleaner lines, the nose and ear trimmer to clean up those tough/hard-to-reach spots, and an extra-wide hair trimmer to…well, you know, cut your hair.

The stainless steel frame of the cordless MG7750 contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers around five hours of battery life per charge.

The Philips Norelco MG7550 is our number one ranked beard and mustache trimmer because its stainless steel blade can tackle long beards and short trims, offers a variety of different attachments, and has fantastic battery life.

2. Bevel Trimmer

Just one glance at the Bevel Trimmer’s design, and you’ll recognize that this beard trimmer is in a class all its own. 

If you love how this cordless trimmer looks, from its ergonomic design to the trimmer’s limited edition black color scheme, you’ll love how it shaves even more.

Featuring an antimicrobial coating, the Bevel Trimmer’s blades stay clean as you shave. Plus, the non-slip handling grip makes sure you won’t drop the shaver at an inopportune time.

You can use the Bevel Trimmer corded or uncorded, but you should know that this is the beard trimmer the pros use (which explains its high price tag) because of its powerful motor.

This beard trimmer might provide some of the most precise line shavings of any trimmer on our best beard trimmers for men list. 

Dudes, if you’re looking for a luxury beard trimmer that provides barber-grade line-ups, pick up the Bevel Trimmer right now.

3. Remington Smart Beard Trimmer

You’ve got your smartwatch, smart house, so why not look into a smart beard trimmer?

The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer is unique to this list because it’s the only facial hair groomer that offers memory and intelligent trimming.

The groomer’s memory function works because the smart beard trimmer remembers the previous four trimming lengths used. There’s no need to try and think if you’re a 2 or 3, as this personal groomer does all of that for you.

In addition, what the Remington Smart Beard Trimmer is widely loved for, is its Auto-Turbo functionality. This trimmer automatically adjusts to the optimal blade speed as it moves through your thicker, longer beard hair.

There are many options available with this particular beard and mustache trimmer, and for those who like to have complete control, that’s amazing. For others, you might not need 175 different trim lengths.

As for cutting ability, this smart beard trimmer does a great job of keeping your facial hair nice and tidy without any pulls or snags.

Also, there’s a travel lock function on this electric shaver to make sure it doesn’t go off at the wrong time at the wrong place.

One thing to look out for is that this only comes with a single guide comb because it’s auto-adjustable. That means you’ll have to take on and off the comb more often while using it to ensure there isn’t any build-up of hair.

If you’re one of those dudes who love personalization in their grooming products, then the Remington Smart Beard Trimmer is a no-brainer choice as it’s the only one on this list and auto-adjusts to how you use it.

4. The Beard Club’s PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer

The best beard trimmers for men are those built and designed with dudes who have beards in mind, which is why The Beard Club’s PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer makes our list of the best men’s beards trimmers.

Not only does this high-quality beard trimmer look classy as heck, but it’s got the power to back up all of the talk. 

Featuring a 7.000 RPM motor, the PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer is built to trim the thickest and most prickly of beards. This cordless beard trimmer provides an excellent, smooth, trimming experience unparalleled in the beard game.

Another cool feature of this trimmer is that it comes with eight color-coordinated guide combs. Plus, a guide shows you how to use the PT45’s attachments for 45 unique beard lengths. 

Add in the integrated beard lengths 3 hours run time on a single charge, and you’ve got one of the best beard trimmers for men on the market.

Plus, it works as a hair clipper too.

The Beard Club knows beards, so of course, they know what they’re doing.

5. Philips Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Less Mess Vacuum Trimmer

Like trimming your beard but hate cleaning up afterward? Then it’s time you take a look at the Philips Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Less Mess Vacuum Trimmer.

Yep, that’s a lot of words to say that this beard and mustache trimmer vacuums up your facial hair as you cut it.

You can expect this Philips Series to cut through thick beards, long beards, and short beards without a problem as the trimmer lifts your hairs before cutting them. This allows for fewer opportunities for the hair to get caught up.

There are about 20 different length settings and a couple of adjustable combs that come with this vacuum trimmer.

Also, with the click of a button, you can engage the precision trimmer to make sure you get all of those tight edges that might need fine-tuning.

Compared to the Philips Norelco 7000, this trimmer is more for dudes who like having a nicely cut beard but hate the mess they make afterward.

6. Wahl Aqua Blade Beard And Stubble Trimmer

Sometimes you’re in a rush and need to shave while you’re in the shower. No worries because the Wahl Aqua Blade Beard and Stubble Trimmer have got you covered.

This beard trimmer has a washable, shower-proof design that makes cleaning a whole heck of a lot easier.

It provides a pretty good cut and includes a ton of accessories like nose trimmers, detail trimmers, and a bunch of blade attachments to make sure you’re trimming your beard as long or as short as you’d like.

Also, if you’re in a rush, the Wahl Lithium-Ion battery has a three-minute charge that leads to five minutes of run-time.

Something you should know, though, is that although this trimmer claims it is waterproof, that doesn’t mean you should leave it in your shower permanently. The electronic innards of this particular beard trimmer won’t be able to handle the constant wetness.

For dudes in a rush, the Wahl Aqua Blade Beard and Stubble Trimmer are one of the best options available.

7. Wahl Travel Trimmer

Sometimes we’re on the road and need a quick beard trim in our hotel room. The Wahl Travel Trimmer makes our list of the best beard trimmers for men because it is perfect for travel.

Unlike the other beard trimmers that require an outlet, all you need for your Wahl Travel Trimmer is a single AA battery. 

Yes, it’s battery-powered.

This is the most compact trimmer on our list of the best beard trimmers for men, meaning it can fit easily in your luggage. 

While there aren’t many accessories that come with this particular trimmer, that’s not what the Wahl Travel Trimmer is for. 

It’s meant to keep your beard looking fresh and clean everywhere you go. 

This is easily one of the best beard trimmers for men, especially if you spend more time in hotel rooms than at home.

8. Norelco One Blade

Precision and details matter when it comes to grooming, which is why the Norelco One Blade makes the list of the best beard trimmers for men. 

I’d avoid trimming those bushier beards, but if you’re looking for something to help with the finer details and styling, then you can’t go wrong with the Norelco One Blade. 

With the One Blade, you can choose precisely how close a shave you want: tight trim, stubble, and long stubble.

I like using the Norelco One Blade as a wet razor in the shower as it provides a close shave while not having to worry about any cuts or scrapes in the meantime. 

Plus, changing out blades is super easy, with replacement blades available for purchase online.

9. Gillette Styler

Another simple electric razor, the Gillette Styler, is great for getting those clean lines all sorted out.

With its beard trimmer functionality, you can also use the Gillette Styler to shave with its Gillette Pro Glide attachment.

If you’ve checked out our best subscription razors article, you’d know that the Pro Glide offers the smoothest and closest shave out of any of their competition, so it’d make sense that their Gillette Styler attachment works just as well.

There are many similarities between this one and the Norelco One Blade, so it comes down to preference when picking out your favorite detail trimmer.


Your beard deserves the best, smoothest trim possible, which is why our list of the best beard trimmers for men features a wide variety of options. 

Whether you’re a man on the go or the Dude who wants a luxury beard trim, all of the options on this list are solid choices depending on circumstances and needs.

All you need to do is find the right beard trimmer.

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