Is Farmbody Bar Soap the Eco-Friendly Choice?

Dudefluencer: Farmbody Bar Soap

Finding the right soap doesn’t need to be complicated. Heck, we have a list of the best men’s body soaps already on Dudefluencer. But as I scrolled through various grooming stores, grocery store aisles, and barber shops, I still couldn’t find what I was looking for: high quality, good-smelling, and eco-friendly body soap. Didn’t matter if it was in wash or bar form, just something that felt like it was made for me. Enter Farmbody’s Craft Brewed Bar Soap.

In my love for Duffy’s Brew Shampoo, I realized that my hair reacted favorably to craft-beer based shampoo, which meant I also wanted to give a craft-beer based bar soap a shot as well. One of the reasons Farmbody stood out is its variety of options, but every handmade product makes a big difference.

After a couple of months, and bars of Farmbody’s Craft-Brewed Bar Soap, does it hold up against Huron’s Body Wash, or is it just another body soap destined to be moved into the guest bathroom? Check out my review below.

What is Farmbody?

Farmbody is the creation of Cindy Allyn; all the products are made from local ingredients found in Hudson Valley. The company was born out of necessity as Allyn was suddenly struck with contact dermatitis. Her career as a medical massage therapist, spa owner, and nail technician was all in danger. After being prescribed steroids, the reality set in that the medicine was stripping away her skin, and something needed to be changed.

Allyn studied the natural, homemade soaps and thus started Farmbody as a way to share her creations and solutions with others who suffer from skin issues. Soon after releasing her moisturizer, Allyn began selling a wider variety of grooming products, including caffeinated shampoos, hand soaps, and lotions.

But of course, what stood out to me as a dude who loves the smell of a good beer was Farmbody’s craft beer brewed products. Anything from beer-based shampoo to craft-brewed bar soap, you could find it at their shop. Whereas other mass-produced grooming products stick to adverts relying on sex, Farmbody focused on creating products made from natural ingredients dudes already enjoy. So does Farmbody Craft-Brewed Soap pass the test?


After receiving Farmbody’s Craft-Brewed Soap (Milk Stout Scent), I immediately threw it in my shower and made it my go-to body wash for the past couple of months or so. Obviously, that means I’ve used this bar soap with my skin in all sorts of conditions: sweaty, stinky, or freshly in the morning. 

We’ve also sent samples out to a couple of contributors/testers to gauge their reactions as we wanted to test as many different skin types as possible.


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You’re going to read and hear about many organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products on this website. When I talk about a product’s eco-friendliness, I am focusing on the following criteria:

Is it made from natural ingredients?

Simply put, are the ingredients in this product au natural? In soaps, the key components to be looking out for are sulfates, parabens, and dyes. Each of these ingredients can damage the environment by infiltrating water pipes or poisoning sewers.

Is the manufacturing of the product environmentally friendly?

Does the product come in an eco-friendly container, or are there conscious decisions to produce the product to help protect the environment? This also includes manufacturing the product itself: what are the factory conditions like, and do employees receive a fair wage?

Was the product tested on animals?

This one’s pretty obvious. Are the products tested on animals, yes or no?

Farmbody Craft-Brewed Beer Soap Review

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Despite trying out various Farmbody’s bar soaps, this review will focus on the Milk Stout scented soap. Note that there are quite a few options available, including a scent-free version made specifically for sensitive skin. As for what I was looking for, I broke it down into four qualifications: Cleanliness, Wash Quality/Scent, Eco-Friendliness, and Price. I took into consideration other bar soaps on the market for each category and personal experiences with other grooming products. The goal is to present a well-rounded review of Farmbody’s Craft-Brew Beer Soap to help you make an educated decision on whether or not to switch body soaps.

Does it work?

Yes. After using a couple different kinds of Farmbody bar soap, I’ve found myself pretty pleased with the quality of the wash. I don’t see myself feeling greasy, nor do I have any leftover stink. Of course, I am showering every day with this soap, so I don’t quite know the effects if you’ve decided to skip a couple days here and there.

As for my skin, no reactions. I don’t think my skin is any softer or clearer, but I also don’t think anything has gotten any worse. So for that, I’ll give it a thumbs up.


The scent is the second most crucial function of soap for me, which is why I was so impressed with this milk stout-based soap. It smells just like the real thing (because it is made with milk stout). The scent is strong enough for a good whiff while using the soap but doesn’t linger after getting out. I will say that I hoped for it to last a little bit longer on my skin, but it’s not that big of a deal.


You can’t get much more eco-friendly than what you’ll get from Farmbody’s Craft-Brewed Beer Soap. It’s handmade and phthalate-free. One look at the ingredients list, and you’ll immediately notice that there is nothing on there you’d have to Google. In addition, the milk stout scent comes directly from ingredients purchased from Hudson Valley breweries. Not only are you preventing chemicals from getting into your skin, helping the environment, but you’re also doing an excellent service for local communities/breweries.


As far as bar soap is concerned, Farmbody Craft Brewed Beer Soap is on the lower end for artisan body soaps and high-end compared to store-bought brands. Each bar is $10 and should last you at least a month or so. If you aren’t using a soap dish (most showers have one built-in), then you can expect the soap to fall apart a lot quicker.

Compared with body wash which costs around $14 for a high-quality product, Farmbody’s price isn’t bad. It’s definitely something that costs enough for you to think about, but due to its high-quality, great scent, and eco-friendliness, the price of the soap really matches up.

Is Farmbody Craft-Brewed Soap Worth It?

I’d be lying if I said I used anything other than store-bought bar soaps before trying Farmbody Bar Soap, but what a difference a good soap makes on your body. The smell is fantastic, the cleaning-functionality is good, and because it’s a bar of soap, it’s a ton healthier for the environment.

Farmbody Craft-Brewed Soap is a must-try for anyone looking to up their grooming game.

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